Do I Really Have to?


A word that’s been on my mind recently is “surrender”. Something that happens to me every now and then is I’ll wake up with a song stuck in my head. A few weeks ago it happened and the song was the hymn “I Surrender All”. I’ve also been hearing the word surrender in many sermons recently so I kinda came to the point where I was like, “ok, God must be trying to tell me something.”

As humans, we’re all flawed. We all have weaknesses and we all make mistakes. Something that is really cool about our God is that He points out our flaws. For a long time, I used to resent it. I didn’t want God telling me what I was doing wrong because who really wants someone telling them what or what not to do? I don’t like my weaknesses being pointed out to me, but I have begun to realize that we really cannot grow as Christians if the Lord is not continually pushing us to be better.

Among all my flaws, I enjoy having control and I don’t love being told what to do. As humans, we’re born with a rebellious nature and I am no exception. I like doing exactly what I want to do because I know what’s best right?


Something about me is that I love flowers. Like, I’m so bad with plants, but I just love gardens. They’re so beautiful and peaceful. I could spend an entire day surrounded by greenery and peonies and be perfectly content. When I think about my faith, I imagine a garden. No garden is perfect, just like no person’s faith is going to be perfect. But in order for a garden to grow and be beautiful, you cannot have weeds growing everywhere. Weeds impede in the beautiful things God has planned for our life.

The thing about weeds is that they can be pretty to look at. Not every weed is ugly; however, no weed can ever compare to something like a rose or peony. But when we continue to let weeds grow in our lives, we are not making room for the beautiful things God has planned to take root. A big weed in my life is an attitude of rebellion. I do not know what possessed my pea-sized brain to think I know more or I know better than God, but that seems to be a common theme in humans since… pretty much forever. We believe we know what’s best. Instead of having a attitude of surrender, we want to hold on to the weeds in our lives.

When the Lord convicts us of certain things or puts something on our heart to change, that’s like Him plucking a weed. At first, it’s not fun. We have gotten used to having these weeds in our lives and it has become a part of the garden. But when we wholly surrender to His will and allow him to pluck these bad habits or flawed character traits, we are making room for us to grow in Him.

Surrendering wholly to God is such a difficult thing to do. But here’s the thing, we either have faith that He is going to come through so we allow him to completely take over our lives or we do not. For a long time, I had an attitude of “Do I really have to? Do I really have to give everything over to God? Can’t I just hold on to these few things and He can have the rest?” Lol fortunately, that’s not how a relationship with Jesus works.

God wants all of us. The good, bad, and ugly. The good, He wants to make great. The bad, He wants to make better. The ugly, He wants to make beautiful.

I want to encourage you to let go and surrender every part of your life to the Lord. Don’t let your temporary wants impede the beautiful things God has in store for you. Those weeds you have been holding onto- it’s time to let go.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. ” -Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

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